Why you will love using Sharewish

Wish In More Interactive Way

First of all login with Mobile Number then You will see Predefined Template for Good morning,Good night,birthday ,festivals and so on. using Sharewish.

First select predefined and add Your images and then select the animation which on apply on images.

Also you can add background Music to Your Wish page. audio can upload using record or song .

Easy to Share

Share Your Love with Friends and family and special person on a special day by just creating Wishing Page and create memorable moments and amazing moments.

Express Your Love and Feelings to Others. By Installing Sharewish 💞 in Your mobile or tablets and You you will be love it.

Make IT Special Day

Predefined Template for Good morning,Good night, you can send it daily in text message or you can whatsapp using Sharewish.

Birthday , festivals and special day on You can wish in different way creating wish page .

Also you can add background Music to Your Wish page. audio can upload using record or song .

Create Custom Template

First You select the gif image like birthday cake ,flowers, funny images ,etc for a background for better user experience and then select animation which apply on image and select pics form Gallery click on play to preview Wishing Page

You can create more attractive and interactive page for special occasionally or you can create daily good morning or good night Wishing Page and Make It Special Day

Safety, Security and Privacy

We value your privacy and promise to never sell your data or share with others. At Sharewish, safeguarding your data is our highest priority. We use AWS security technologies based on Advanced JWT Token to protect your data.


Share Images

You can share your image by one click and you can share special occisional images or share Your birthday ,festival , trips clicks pics

Add Your Voice to Wish page

You can record your voice and upload to this will be play as background music to your Wish Page and share with your friend and family.

One click Share

You can select images and animation click on share Or You can send it in your text message by copy the link of page

Memorable Effect

You can select many animation by clicking on animation button and selected animation apply on images show in wishing page.