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Why you will love using orai

Easy to Use

Everything is one swipe away. Keeping clients happy should not require complex software. Get the mundane things done so fast, you will have more time to focus on business.

reminders, and follow-ups

Orai is not just an appointment book; it can also help you considerably reduce missed appointments and increase client engagement. Orai can automatically.

Send text messages to your clients: instant notifications when the appointment is booked, reminders when the appointment is coming up and follow-up messages. No more sending texts manually!

Multiple templates for messages

Define and use different messages depending on the moment when the message is sent (instantly, before, or after the appointment) or depending on the purpose of the message.

Use a certain message for your appointment reminders and something different for sending a “Thank You!” note afterwards.

Pick the time when to send the message

You have complete control over the exact moment when your messages are sent. Plus for each message you can set one or multiple sending times.

If you have a preferred message that you’d like to add to each appointment, simply set the message as default.

Impress your clients every day

helps you remember everything about your customers and gives you quick access to essential information, just when you need it.

Whether it’s notes, history of purchases, or the time of their next appointment, they are just a tap away!

Manage appointments from anywhere

Gain more freedom by being able to check your appointments or schedule new ones no matter where you are. Orai is the modern appointment book that syncs across all of your mobile devices.

Safety, Security and Privacy

We value your privacy and promise to never sell your data or share with others. At Orai, safeguarding your data is our highest priority. We use AWS security technologies based on Advanced JWT Token to protect your data.


Share Contacts

Introducing people should be easy. One touch share of contacts. Say goodbye to copy-paste

Add a Note

You don’t have to remember everything. Let Orai take care of it for you. Easy Notes for contacts.

Set Reminder

Every reminder is linked to a contact. When you promise a client something, set a reminder.

Manage Your Contact

We Manage contacts across any smartphone or tablet you use. Start working on one device and then move on to another without any stress.

Cloud Sync

Your contacts are stored in the cloud. Even if you lose your phone, you can get back everything.

Recurring appointments

Make the appointment once, set up your recurring preferences(daily, weekly, monthly or custom), and your appointment will automatically show up on your calendar.

Backup and restore

Nothing to worry if you get a new device or your phone gets lost. Your data is securely saved on our servers. Simply reinstall the app, login with your account, and you’ll get everything back.


Get great insights on the essential aspects of your business with easy-to-read reports.